Winter: New Beginnings…


By far, my least favorite season.

The cold. Short days. Snow and biting air make for unnecessary time spent indoors. Which is quite conflicting with who I am – I’m not meant to be housebound. *wink*

However, winter may be one of my most productive times of the year. As a season, it rests between the end of one year and the beginning of new one. It’s a time of reflection, planning, and goal setting. Personally, the restless days spent inside breeds’ creativity within me. I often spend this time testing out recipes, creating new ones, and brushing up on my decorating skills. Snows days are the best. While everyone is in the supermarket stocking up on food, I’m cleaning the shelves of butter, flour, and sugar for my next creation.

Winter is always the birth of a new journey for me. Right now, Seasons is my baby. It’s bigger than baking! It’s embracing change, taking risks, and healing from past seasons. It’s growth and optimism. It’s also fear. During the winter, the foundation is laid for a new journey to come. Doubt creeps in at times. I’d like to think that the short days and limited hours of sunlight are partly responsible. Yet, I’m lead to believe it’s simply human response.

Join me on this journey. I’m gonna pull out the sweetness of each season.