The Reason for Seasons


Amber Martin - Founder of Seasons Baked Goods

In 2010, I found myself on the brink of what I would have called a classic quarter-life crisis. I was recently laid off, living at home, randomly taking Spanish classes at a local community college just to keep busy. It was an idle time in my life that felt dark and hopeless. An opportunity to vend at a local flea market was the catapult for Seasons Baked Goods. I baked and sold a variety of cupcakes representing the different seasons. One customer bought a cupcake and came back 5 minutes later to buy a dozen more. It was in this season of my life, I knew my talent could be baked for good.


The concept for Seasons was birthed during a low season in my life. When I reflect on the low seasons I see growth, relief, change, triumph, and victory. Rather than sulk in the pit of my valley, I chose to rise. It is true – the good outweighs the bad, the bad is just a fad, and the seasons always change. Seasons Baked Goods believes that making change should taste good. And no matter the adversity or discomfort that comes with each season we face… “There’s something sweet in every season.”